Modernize the art of the deal.

About dealcloser

An online document management platform

dealcloser is an online platform designed to modernize the art of the deal, bringing to the future the archaic, paper-based process used ubiquitously by law firms around the world.

Dynamic Closing Agenda™ - not just a closing checklist

By bringing a number of tools together into one platform, lawyers can manage a large number of documents, track document versions and send documents for client signatures all from a clean and simple electronic interface - the Dynamic Closing Agenda™.

Securely store and organize deal documents

dealcloser integrates with a law firm’s existing document management system to securely store, and organize, all documents required for a deal.

Efficiently and effectively collect and manage signatures

Once transactional documents are ready for execution by a client, lawyers can deliver those documents to their clients’ inboxes with the click of a button. Clients can review and execute documents electronically at their convenience - no pens required.

Instantly create a Closing Book

At the end of the deal, dealcloser can take the final, executed version of every document used in the deal and create a Closing Book – an organized digital file containing copies of every executed document, complete with index – in seconds.

Why Use dealcloser?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of hours are spent by lawyers organizing and administering deals for their clients. These countless hours translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees. However, clients no longer wish to pay such high fees and are demanding that law firms give them a quote before agreeing to retain the law firm to conduct their transaction. This creates increasing pressure for law firms to get the deal closing process under control and to reduce the time and resources spent on transactions. dealcloser gives law firms the ability to effectively and efficiently manage deals by automating and organizing the closing process. In an era where the legal industry is moving towards value based billing, and both firms and clients are looking for ways to eliminate non-value added tasks, dealcloser streamlines one of the largest wastes of time and money in the transaction process.

Whether handshake agreements to buy a house or acquisitions of billion dollar companies, deals are the building block of the modern economy. Yet, while we use our smartphones and laptops to manage virtually every aspect of our economic and commercial lives, purchasers and vendors of modern businesses remain inundated with paper. Thousands of documents are drafted, exchanged and printed by law firms around the world on single deals and each document requires original signatures before it is scanned, emailed and printed once again. With this cycle of redundancy comes a mountain of detriments: mistakes are made, time is wasted, costs increase, clients are inconvenienced, legal fees grow and the environment is degraded.

dealcloser solves this problem by providing a suite of tools to automate, organize and streamline the deal closing process.

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